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Duterte thinks Reds ain’t serious about peace talks: Gusto lang nilang magpasarap!

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President Rodrigo Duterte is convinced that the communists are not serious about attaining peace with the government.

In his speech at the send off for five Vietnamese fishermen in Pangasinan Wednesday (November 29), Duterte said he is already preparing the executive order declaring the New People’s Army as a terrorist group.

“Ang NPAs, pinutol ko na because I think that they are not really serious. Just biding their time. They do not have the second echelons to carry the fight and they just want to be comfortable,” he said.

Once the NPA is categorized as a terrorist group, Duterte said its members can be charged with other crimes, not just rebellion.

He added that while he wants to achieve peace, he is also ready for war.

“I do not want to start a really violent war. But if the NPAs, just like the terrorists would do it, then we will give them the favor,” Duterte said.