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Duterte seeks 6-month extension to drug war: I cannot kill them all

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Just halfway into his campaign promise of wiping out illegal drugs and criminality, President Rodrigo Duterte has admited he can’t cut it.

In a speech Sunday night, Duterte said he didn’t know the country’s drug problems was with 700,000 surrenderees in just his first three months; a thick-inch narco-list showing the drug protec‎tion racket entrenched in the government heairarchy from the Secretary to generals to village chiefs; the sheer lack of government resources and funds to carry out his ambitious goal; and the laws that prevent him from just killing them all.

“That self-imposed time of three to six months, well, I did not realize how severe and how serious the problem of drug menace in this Republic until I became President…kidnapping in the South; terrorism; drugs, which is really pulling us down; and I can say that we would need time, I said, to put everything in order.” said Duterte.

“But just give me a little extension maybe of another six months. Nobody ever knew…I didn’t have that idea that there was hundreds of thousands of people already in the drug business and what is — what makes it worse is that they are operated now by people in government especially those elected positions,” said Duterte.

Duterte preferred to just exterminate the protectors but the more than a thousand names on the narco-list had made this option impossible.”I cannot kill them all. You see, even if I wanted to. Down here on the ground, it’s really a far different from what we would like to see that would happen,” said Duterte.

If he moved to massacre the drug protectors, Duterte said it would end up being a ‎”government versus government” fight.

“There were those barangay captains start around with guns, with bodyguards, so we’ll just have to defang them, get the police out of — as bodyguards. I will now order…I will not allow any policeman to act as bodyguard of a barangay captain‎,” said Duterte. “Prominent really are barangay captains, who are there. And just like other places, the barangay captains connive or cooperate or extend assistance to terrorist and drugs.”

He explained that this was the reason why he wanted the elections postponed because narco-politics was rooted in the basic government unit, the barangay, which “will be the start of our maybe our perdition and agony.”