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Duterte still waiting for ABS-CBN to return his money: Ganyan ka walang hiya ang mga oligarchs na ‘yan!

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Nearly a year after paying ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. for a “propaganda” ad which it did not run, President Rodrigo Duterte is still waiting for the network’s owners, the Lopez family, to make an offer to return his money.

In a speech in Camp Antonio Ricarte in Palawan Thursday, Duterte unleashed another “mouthful” against ABS-CBN which ran an anti-Duterte ad paid by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV a few days before election day last year but refused to air Duterte’s political ad despite accepting his money.

“Alam mo ‘yung putang ina ABS-CBN na ‘yan? Tinanggap nila ‘yung pera ko, Doris (Bigornia, ABS-CBN’s Malacanang correspondent) they never showed my…And hanggang ngayon wala namang offer to reimburse or to return the money. Ganon ka-walang hiya ‘yang mga putang ina mga oligarchs na ‘yan. Totoo,” said Duterte.

“I’m in military camp, abangan ninyo ako sa labas. Putang ina ‘yung mga oligarchs na ‘yan,” Duterte added.

Duterte accused Trillanes of “child abuse” for using kids as props to attack Duterte and that only ABS-CBN, among all broadcast stations, was his collaborator in breaking the law.

“‘Iyung may TRO (temporary restrainign order), sinabi ng court, ‘do not show it’. Iyong mga bata nga ginamit ni Trillanes ‘yan, which is really against the law. You know, that’s child abuse. That is why there was a TRO. Only ABS-CBN ang hindi naniwala,” said Duterte.

“Okay lang ‘yan. Tinanggap ‘yung pera ko, hindi naman gipalabas ‘yung short propaganda ko, nabili ko — baka makatulong. Sabagay totoo naman ‘yung sinasabi ko. Nothing wrong… That’s the truth,” he added.