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Duterte takes a dig at Leni’s ability to talk peace with Reds: Sinong maniniwala kay Robredo?

May 20, 2017 @ 9:52

President Rodrigo Duterte said communist rebels can’t afford to kill him even if they wanted to because the only road to peace was through him.

Duterte said the alternative of having Vice President Leni Robredo take over and make a more progress with the Comunist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) was inconceivable.

“So ngayon hindi ko na maasahan ‘yan (peace talks). Hindi naman ako titirahin niyan. Kasi pag pinatay nila ako, wala na silang kausap. Sino kausapin nila? Si Robredo. Patay,” said Duterte at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City Friday.
“Sinong maniwala kay Robredo? Susmaryosep,” he added.

Duterte has a love-hate relationship with Robredo as he has never kept it a secret that he wanted losing vice presidential bet Bongbong Marcos to win in the 2016 elections.

Duterte tapped Robredo as his “housing queen” but forced her to resign less than six months in office. Last March, he offered to take Robredo to dinner with her family but he has yet to fix a date up to the present.

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  • El Salvador

    what a stoooooooooooopid president. Nobody is indispensable in governance and operation of any organization. Pohtangnamo duterte dutiti dutae idioterte.

    • Klave

      Explain what she can do with NPA

      • momoyman

        Explain what Duterte is now doing?

  • Ronnie Molina

    Leni’s got more credibility than Duterte! With Leni they don’t have to guess which ones of her 5 statements are true. They don’t have to worry that their deals would be reinterpreted by any communication secretary or that she will change her mind the next day.

    • Klave

      Explain what she can do with the NPA please.

      • Ronnie Molina

        I am not privy to her plans. but judging from her many succesful anti poverty and calamity relief projects- She’s is force to be reckoned with. She’s been a pro-bono(free-no pay) lawyer even before she entered politics. This woman crossed dangerous rivers and slept on the floor just to give a poor person a chance at justice. Plus she’s not limited to killing people as a solution-in fact she wont even go there. Duterte tried his way and ended up with bombings and house grabbing. Leni may do better or she may fail too. But if the country can ask people to give a person like Uson a chance- Leni have more got far more experience in dealing with many sectors of the society. as for “what she can do?” – for now its for her team to research/plan and for us to find out.

        • hustlergalore

          anti poverty and calamity relief projects of robredo? that is not hers. she has nothing to do with it. those are existing projects of LGUs, NGOs, and companies. all she has to do is to show up for photo-ops. that is why i call it angat-epal program! pfft!

          • Ronnie Molina

            a bit of trivia: povery campaigns and projects takes collaboration with many sectors of society. Try volunteering for one-and maybe you’ll learn something.
            This woman have been working for the poor even before she entered politics-unlike your idols. she was afree-bono lawyer for under priviledge clients. And during her stint as VP despite all the detractors like yourself- she continued with her projects. please do your research. Dont let hatred and malicious gossip take a selfless and dedicated leader like her from the government. There are not many.

          • DP Brigz


          • Ronnie Molina

            you sound like a troll… but i’ll answer, you might really need the job. l know of her work because I do volunteer work for a charity. Unlike you who seem to form your opinion on fake news. If you you truly believe that its all PR, then do your due diligence and research. If you dont fall in admiration after seeing her projects and speeches- then there is nothing i can do. If afterwards you still believe its all fake, then keep seething. Im sorry that you will not experience true humanitarian service.

        • DP Brigz

          LENI Has no appeal like her running mate, the stale MARIMAR

          • Ronnie Molina

            That’s your opinion. – shared by 16million (less 12000 dead) Filipinos. BUt the rest of the world admires her, why do you think they invite her to speak at overseas charity and empowerment events.?

          • DP Brigz

            You mean your fellow liberals, huh?

          • Ronnie Molina

            ahh more troll response… thinking that to go against Duterte means I’m Liberal or Yellow. Where did the term yellow come from? Isnt that a Marcos era terminology? Why did it revive in this age? Marcos money on the move no doubt! After all Duterte did say Imee funded his campaign and im sure still funding his internet trolls. Im not sure of your true intent. BUt if you are a troll, then Shame on you. If not, you need to wake up and keep away from Marcos propaganda before the whole country loses its liberty. This is my last reply to you. May you find your peace.

  • Trinidad Norma

    Never trust Robredo, She will stab u at the back, a traitor will always be a traitor, ambitious idiot who wants to legalize her Illegal modus operandi, for money n power, she never cared for the people, will u let Robredo dine w u?

  • hustlergalore

    yeah right, who would listen to someone who would say that shabu does not affect your brain. so we should just decriminalize it! LOL


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