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Duterte tells aikido black-belter Steven Seagal: I know karate

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Martial arts, illegal drugs, and movies were among the topics discussed during President Duterte’s recent meeting with “Under Siege” star Steven Seagal in Malacañang.

Seagal, reportedly a fan of Duterte, paid a courtesy on the President on Thursday (October 12) while on a break from scouting locations for a planned film on illegal drugs and crimes in the country.

“Telling Seagal that movies are a reflection of life, President Duterte reiterated his strong stance against illegal drugs because it enslaves people to a form of synthetic chemical,” a Palace press release read.

The President also told Seagal that he does not want the Philippines to suffer the same fate of Mexico and other Latin American countries where societies were devastated by drug trafficking.

“He also told the American actor that he used to have karate lessons,” the Palace said.

Seagal, with his muscular and 6’5 frame and a black belt in aikido, became one of the big action stars in Hollywood back in the early 1990s. He reportedly plans to shoot a tv series “General Commander” in the Philippines. This is his third visit to the country.