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Duterte tells EU to accept gov’t explanation for drug problem or go to hell

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President Rodrigo Duterte has had enough of explaining the roots and gravity of the Philippines’ drug problem to foreigners, particularly the European Union.

In a speech before ASEAN leaders Wednesday (October 25), Duterte said drug addiction is a social problem in the country.

He scored the EU for only citing statistics about the casualties, but not going deeper on the reasons why they were killed.

“That’s why I have a foul mouth because… They come from EU. And how can you be so ignorant and short of understanding?” Duterte asked.

“It is a social problem. If it is a social problem then begin by saying that there are deaths, but why are there deaths in this country? What causes the bedlam?” he said.

Duterte said he has already told the Philippines’ special envoy to the EU, former senator Edgardo Angara, how to deal with Europeans on the issue of the government’s anti-drug campaign.

“Senator Angara, I appointed him as an envoy to EU. He’s been trying to explain to them. But I said to them, ‘If they listen to you, sir, fine. If not, then they can all go to hell,'” he said.

Duterte appeared unfazed by the threat of being sued before an international court over his war on drugs.

“Go ahead. No problem. But just give me an audience who are educated. So that’s why — It appalls me to learn that they can be so stupid about it. That did not — almost an ignoramus,” he said.