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Duterte tells Obama: Go to hell! I won’t kneel down before you

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President Duterte continued his attacks against the United States and the European Union, asking them to go to hell and purgatory for hitting him anew for his anti-drug problem that left thousands of drug suspects killed in his first 90 days of office.

“To the (US President) Obama, go to hell. The EU, you should go to purgatory because it is already crowded in hell,” Duterte told Tuesday evening at a forum attended by local government officials in Luzon at Makati City.

In the same speech, Duterte said he could never ask forgiveness from the United States much more kneel before its leaders because of his behavior.

“The way that I behave, for the life of me, mas mabuti magluhod ako sa King of Brunei or Thailand, wag mo ako paluhurin sa America,” he said.

“You can do your worst actually. (I said I stake) My job, my life, the presidency. Kung three taon lang ako, so be it,” the President added.

Duterte has received flak and negative criticisms in the international community for his expletive language, calling the US President as a “son of a whore”. He also got slammed for describing his anti-drug campaign which is marked with extra-judicial killings as like that of Nazi leader Hitler during his time.

Duterte has apologized for his Hitler remarks again in his speech at Makati, describing as a big “faux pas”.