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Duterte thinks Obama can’t hold a candle to Trump: Barack has inferiority complex

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President Rodrigo Duterte believes that President Donald Trump is better at handling global crisis situations that his predecessor Barack Obama.

Duterte praised Trump for taking the initiative to get China President Xi Jinping’s help in diffusing the North Korea missile crisis and prevent Kim Jong-un from pushing the world to a nuclear war.

“Trump is better (than Obama). I had a talk with President Xi Jinping yesterday because he (Trump) called four days ago to ask me if President Xi Jinping could do something about the situation regarding Kim Jong-un. So I called President Xi Jinping. I am calling you at the behest of the President of the United States, President Trump. And we are all agreed in the ASEAN and even President Trump, that you can do something. Actually, the biggest contribution of all others is your intervention,” he added.

Duterte said he was waiting for Trump to call him so he could personally report his conversation with Xi.

In contrast, Duterte said Obama was indecisive as he stood idly by while Syria President Bashar al-Assad massacred 250,000 and forced 5.4 million other to seek refuge in other countries.

“I don’t know if it is an inferiority complex or a superiority complex. But definitely there was a conflict inside him. It was worst during his time. Because it emboldened, he hesitated, in Syria. So when Syria decided to massacre his own, Assad is also one idiot. He is killing his own people with sarin and the lethal… How many times was it…? And he (Obama) did nothing,” said Duterte.

In a previous speech, Duterte said Obama was “lbertarian with the deepest of inferiority complex.”
“He was encouraging every trouble in this world. Kaya itong mga kaibigan natin, our friends, itong (Americans) They invented the, , the Arab Spring. It was the American invention and they created hell for — in the Middle East,” Duterte added.

It’s no surprise that Duterte would favor Trump over Obama. Duterte still can’t get over being chastised by Obama on his brutal war on drugs while he’s still cloud nine after getting praise from Trump for his “good work” and getting invited to meet him at the Oval Office.