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Duterte thinks Trillanes’ IQ is just 14: He’s just lucky to enter PMA

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President Rodrigo Duterte has cast doubts over Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s intelligence over his recent actions seeking to pin him and members of his family down for wrongdoing.

In an interview late Tuesday (September 12), Duterte said he isn’t keen on taking on Trillanes’ dare to issue a waiver for his bank accounts because he doesn’t know the senator’s intelligence quotient (IQ).

“I don’t know his IQ because — the IQ, Quotient. Maybe he — he’s just lucky that he was able to enter PMA. But ang Quotient nito ni — tingin ko — ni Trillanes, it’s about 14. Hindi nga umabot ng 15,” he said after visiting a soldier’s wake.

Duterte said proof of Trillanes’ low IQ was the “crazy” antics he has been doing at the Senate, including calling the senators by name and asking irrelevant questions at hearings.

“Hindi man niya alam ‘yang mga ganun. ‘Yung the right to silence,” he said.

Trillanes has challenged Duterte to issue a waiver for his bank accounts after signing a similar document authorizing the Anti-Money Laundering Council and the Office of the Ombudsman to look into his bank accounts.

Duterte had accused Trillanes of having offshore bank accounts.

In response to Trillanes’ challenge, Duterte said he already issued a waiver when the issue of his supposed P200-million undeclared deposits was mentioned during the campaign season.