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Duterte ‘thrilled’ to join Sept. 21 rally: Maraming ‘dilaw’ gusto ko mapatalsik sa puwesto

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President Rodrigo Duterte has welcomed the massive rally scheduled against him on September 21, saying he also has grievances concerning the government.

In an interview aired over PTV-4 Tuesday night (September 19), Duterte urged everyone who is unhappy with him or the administration to join the rally organized by the Movement Against Tyranny in Luneta.

“Unang una, maliligayahan ako. I’d be happy na lahat ng may reklamo sa gobyerno, extrajudicial killing, corruption — kay ‘yan din ang reklamo ko ngayon — at iba pa, mga abuso ng gobyerno,” he said.

Duterte said he was also dissatisfied with the workings in government because there are people he cannot easily fire.

“Kasi ako magpoprotesta rin. Kasi maraming mga dilaw, nandiyan sa mga commission, napaka-corrupt. So, even ‘yung sa mga regulatory board, eh magpoprotesta rin ako because I cannot remove them simply because they have a fixed term, there’s a security of tenure,” he said.

Duterte said he declared September 21 a “National Day of Protest” so the people can exercise their freedom to protest.

He said protesters can assemble at any public place as long as they do not break the law.