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Duterte is most trusted because he’s the only president to fight criminals – Sotto

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Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III on Sunday attributed President Duterte’s tough stance against criminals as the reason why he’s the most popular and most trusted out of the four most recent chief executives.

“I think it’s because he is the only one who responded to the clamor of the public to address the number one problem of peace and order in the country which is illegal drugs,” he said.

These issues, Sotto pointed out, were not prioritized by other administrations “and the last one did not even address it.”

The senator said these were also part of the platform of government that Duterte presented during his presidential campaign which obviously earned the approval of the voters.

In the comparison made by Pulse Asia, Duterte received 80 percent trust and approval rating, higher than those of his predecessors, Benigno Aquino III, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Joseph Estrada.

The polling firm also noted that Duterte is the most trusted president upon assuming office with an initial trust rating of 91 percent in July 2016.