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Duterte won’t allow Joma Sison back in PH: I’ll have him arrested so he better not return

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President Rodrigo Duterte wants his former professor, Jose Maria Sison, to experience how painful it is to be unable to return to the country he professes to be fighting for.

In his speech at San Beda College of Law’s alumni homecoming Friday (November 24), Duterte said he will order Sison to be arrested if he ever decides to come back to the Philippines.

“If Joma Sison comes here, I will arrest him or if I were him, ‘wag na siyang bumalik dito,” he said.

“Better still, I will not allow him to enter his native land and that is a very painful experience, especially if you’re dying and you think na you should be buried in your own cemetery, in your own town,” he added.

Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), has been based in The Netherlands since 1987 as a political refugee.

Duterte threatened to arrest Sison after signing a proclamation ending the peace talks between the government and the CPP-National Democratic Front-New People’s Army.

Following the formal end of the peace talks, Sison called Duterte the “number 1 terrorist in the Philippines” in a statement.