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Duterte’s anti-EU rants take backseat at ASEAN meet

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By: Xave Gregorio

President Rodrigo Duterte’s sharp tongue against the European Union, which has been critical of his war against drugs, took a backseat at the ASEAN Summit, with EU Council President Donald Tusk attending the talks.

During the three-day summit, Duterte delivered no harsh and expletive-filled comments against one of his toughest critic in the international community.

Despite this, Duterte still took a tough stance against the EU, refusing an offer for donation yet again.

“Forget it. We will survive even if we have to eat dried fish and rice. We will survive,” Duterte said.

The Philippine president also said he defended himself to Tusk.

“Whatever happened to that precious phrase. It’s a Western thing. The right to be heard,” Duterte said.

He added that Tusk was not interested in talking about the drug war.

“I was the one who injected the topic. He was not at all interested. There were a lot of TV. The TV was working there,” Duterte said.