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Duterte’s dossier on drug lords is loaded with mayors

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‎President Rodrigo Duterte said that his list of coddlers of drug lords in the country is brimming with names of mayors.

“Maraming mayor dito, meron mayor sa Mindanao, babae pa,” said Duterte in an interview with PTV 4’s Rocky Ignacio.

Duterte said he was hesitant to name the mayors at this poit because he has yet to verify the intelligence info he was given by authorities.

“I don’t want to condemn a person with what I think is insufficient information to include them in the matrix (of drug lords and their protectors),” said Duterte.

He promised to give the media a full copy of the matrix after his team has vetted it and compressed it .

Duterte revealed that retired Police General Marcelo Garbo was the protector of Level 5 drug lords Peter Co, Peter Lim and Herbert Colangco.