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Duterte’s federal dream will cost extra P40B to pay additional bureaucracy

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Lawyer Christian Monsod said the government would spend an additional P40 billion a year to put into reality President Rodrigo Duterte’s vision of a federalized Philippines.

“It will cost regions P40 billion a year to finance additional bureaucracy,” said Monsod in an interview with DZMM.

Monsod said each of the 11 federal states planned by Duterte would have to shoulder expenses of running their autonomous government and deliver services to constituents as part of their responsibilities under full autonomy.

Monso said only three of the proposed 11 federal states have the financial resources to run autonomously – Metro Manila, Central and Southern Luzon.

This is why, Monsod said, Duterte would need at least 10 years in power – with extraordinary powers and no elections – to ensure that all federal states would be ready for his federal dream.

“Bakit minamadali ang federalism? Bakit uunahin ang structures tapos papahabulin ang institutions? Kung kaya naman pala bigyan ng power at local government level without changing the structure, why do all of these changes?” he asked.

“A messed up reform through legislation can be corrected, a messed up change in structure is virtually irreversible,” said Monsod.