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Duterte’s outburst meant to remind EU to respect the Filipino way – Pimentel

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President Duterte’s latest “outburst” threatening to expel diplomats of the European Union (EU) is just his way of telling them to respect the sovereignty of the Philippines in dealing with issues confronting the country in the “Filipino way of doing things”, Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III on Friday said.

“In short: ‘hinay-hinay kayo sa pakikialam nyo sa amin kasi may mga utak din kami!’,” Pimentel said in a text message to reporters.

The Senate leader and staunch political ally of the President gave this explanation as to the context of the latest profanity-laced tirades of the Duterte following reports on a foreign delegation lobbying for the removal of the Philippines from the United Nations (UN).

“It’s just an outburst. If then in context, EU ambassadors should know that that is not ‘THE ORDER’ to leave. Such a thing would have to come from the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs). And I am sure no such order is forthcoming. The Philippines values its relationships with all countries,” he said.

“The context of the President is ‘we are a sovereign nation and we expect to be treated as such. If you don’t, then that’s your problem, not ours. We will not submit to your dictates and whims and your other standards and modern way of looking at things. The Filipino way of doing things and Filipino values have their own worth independent of the opinion of the other countries especially those modern progressive western countries’,” Pimentel said.

“We want to to be and should be ‘the friend of all nations’ especially those with long standing relations with the country such as those EU countries, as we develop and

strengthen ties with non-EU countries like China and Russia and the soon to be non-EU nation of Great Britain,” he further said.

Pimentel came to the defense of Duterte who launched an attack on EU by asking the bloc’s ambassadors to leave the country in 24 hours.

The President was apparently reacting to the statements by a seven-member delegation of the International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance which criticized the administration’s war on drugs and the international rights group Human Rights Watch’s warning that the Philippines may be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council if killings under the drug war continue.