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Enemy within? Duterte seeks probe of Maute’s source of DND-issued guns, ammo

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One of the first things President Rodrigo Duterte will do after flushing out the last terrorist in Marawi City is to find out who supplied the enemy with government-issued firearms and ammunition.

In a speech in a military camp in Davao City Thursday, Duterte said the Maute group used profits from their massive drug operations to amass an arsenal which would allow them to match the military’s firepower.

“It would be good that after this war, if it will end someday to start looking into saan itong mga baril pati ‘yung mga bala kasi ‘yung mga — may mga cartons doon marka pa ‘yung DND (Department of National Defense) personnel, from DND ordnance,” said Duterte.

“So bakit ito nasa… Alam natin, alam ko. Before I left for Russia, I was already told that there was already amassing per intelligence report. But hindi ko akalain na ganon karami ang bala. Saan nila nakuha?” he added.

Duterte said that Maute’s stash included Barratt semi-automatic rifles that were probably bought from or donated by the United States to the government.

“They have the Barretts. So you’d be wondering, ‘Saan nila ito nakuha?’ Ang may mga Barrett lang ‘yan ‘yung mga Amerikano, tayo, binigyan tayo ng Amerikano, nagbili tayo. But sila halos, until now, are still recovering some of their weapons,” said Duterte.

“It’s a deadly firearm, it can reach you almost one kilometer away. But may panlaban naman tayo. Marami man rin tayong Barrett,” said Duterte.

Duterte said that for every bullet fired from a soldiers gun, the enemy shot back five times more “as if they had an endless supply of ammunition.”