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Enough is enough! Ateneo school paper urges Pinoys to prove drug killings ain’t acceptable

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The official student paper of the Ateneo de Manila University urged Filipinos to express outrage over drug-related killings following the death of 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos.

In an editorial posted August 20, The Guidon said it is not enough for the public to hold those in power accountable for the deaths of thousands in the administration’s bloody war on drugs.

“If we do not want a society where violence is the norm and impunity is rampant, then it is up to us to prevent this from happening. Letting those in power know that we have had enough is an important first step, but we must also resist efforts to normalize what is going on,” the editorial read.

The Guidon said it is important to let President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies know that Filipinos are still capable of feeling outrage.

“It is important to show them that we have not stopped counting the dead and telling their stories. It is important to show them that we are still committed in striving for a more humane society, no matter how difficult it has become,” the paper said.

Delos Santos was killed in an anti-drug operation by the Caloocan City police on August 16.

His death sparked outrage because the police account that he fought back was contradicted by surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts, which showed he was accosted by cops.

Duterte has toned down his defense of cops conducting anti-drug operations following Delos Santos’ death, saying they should act according to the law. He also warned that those who abuse their power will be punished.

The National Bureau of Investigation has filed murder charges against the four policemen tagged in Delos Santos’ killing.