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Estradas, Zamoras locked in war, but united in Poe

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The Estrada and Zamora clans in San Juan City have become sworn enemies in this year’s elections, but even they can’t help but be “united” under the growing political clout of independent presidential bet, Senator Grace Poe.

On Monday night (March 29), the “Galing at Puso” bet cornered the endorsement of Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada during his own proclamation rally. The former president is gunning for reelection in his local post.

No less than Poe attended the festivities wherein the award-winning actor gave her one of his iconic wristbands, as if to say, “you are the one”.

Estrada considers Poe his “inaanak”, being the adoptive daughter of his friend, late movie icon Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ)

The senator, through his son Brian, also practically received the nod of the Zamoras after the latter was given the privilege to speak at the clan’s proclamation rally in San Juan.

Present at the San Juan affair were House Minority Leader Ronaldo Zamora and his son, Vice Mayor Francis Zamora. The younger Zamora is Brian’s uncle.

During Brian’s short speech, he underscored that his 47-year-old mother is the one only among the five presidential candidates who lived in San Juan.

Vice Mayor Zamora is gunning for the mayor’s seat currently occupied by Guia Gomez, Estrada’s former partner.

Gomez is the mother of former San Juan representative, Senator JV Ejercito. Ejercito, like his dad Erap and half-brother, Senator Jinggoy Estrada, are all former mayors of the city.

Despite the Estrada and Zamoras’ common endorsement of Poe, the animosity between the two families are real–Brian had hardly left the stage when Vice Mayor Zamora took on the mic and blasted the Estradas.

“Sino ang walang utang na loob? Lahat ng eleksyon simula kay Erap, Jinggoy, JV at Guia, si Cong. Ronny ang tumulong sa kanila,” he said.

The younger Zamora even called the Estradas “suwapang” or greedy for wanting to hold so many elective posts at the same time.