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Faeldon claims House members blinked on his dare to name meddling politikos: They refused to hold an executive session

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Customs Commissioner Nic Faeldon said he would have willingly exposed all senators and representatives who asked him to hire or promote their “pet people” in cushy jobs at one of the most corrupt agencies in government.

But he said during the House hearing, members refused to hold an executive sessions where he would’ve told them to their faces who among them wrote or met or phoned him for job placements.

“I said I don’t want to publicly embarrass people,” said Faeldon in a press conference at the BOC Friday.
The controversy over politikos lobbying for BOC positions for their minions

came to fore after Faeldon’s chief of staff, Atty. Mandy Anderson, revealed that Speaker Bebot Alvarez endorsed a BOC staff member, Sandy Sacluti , to a higher post. Faeldon denied the promotion because Sacluti was not qualified.

“Let us not be hypocrites. I know who you are. I’m sure you cannot look me in the eyes. If you push me to the wall, I will tell the whole world what you’ve been doing (at Customs),” Faeldon said in a radio interview.

The House has threatened to give the BOC zero budget in 2018 if the agency was not reorganized and Faeldon replaced.