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Fed up with life in ‘Palasyong kahoy’: Duterte would’ve resigned if Dick Gordon or Sal Medialdea is VP

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President Rodrigo Duterte has been open about his lack of joy in being the most powerful man in the Philippines.

Duterte said protesters calling him “martial law dictator” as if he wanted to cling on to power even at his advanced age has pushed him further to press the resign button.

But he won’t quit because he doesn’t relish Vice President Leni Robredo and her ‘yellow’ horde taking over his post.

“Kung mag-resign lang ako, kung siguro ang Vice President si (Dick) Gordon o si (Executive Secretary Sal Medialdea), matagal na ako nagbitaw, uwi na ako sa amin. Tapos na ako,” said Duterte in an interview at Fort Bonifacio early Wednesday morning.

After being convinced to run for President, although he admitted to having a premonition he would rule this country, Duterte said he was extremely disappointed with the realities of the day-to-day life of a Commander in Chief.

“Ganyan lang pala ang Presidente, magpirma tapos magsakay ng lantsa, matulog roon sa bahay.Pagkatapos trabaho hanggang alas-dos ng madaling araw, sakay ako ng lantsa, balik doon, maligo, tulog. ‘Pag umaga, kain, diretso na,” said Duterte.
“Eh ‘yan lang pala eh. Akala ko na — Palasyo. Tang ina, Palasyo, puro kahoy. Pangalan lang ‘yan,” he added.