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Feeling Mr. Clean! Ex-Ateneo dean Tony La Viña explains why ‘dilawan’ is a hated brand

Apr 21, 2017 @ 8:40

The administration of former President Benigno Aquino III may have made gains in fighting corruption, but that doesn’t mean people have much love for the “dilawan.”

Former Ateneo School of Government dean Tony La Viña on Thursday (April 20) explained why “dilawan” has become a derogatory term after he noted negative comments regarding a photo showing political bigwigs such as former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and President Rodrigo Duterte seated in one table at former President Joseph Estrada’s 80th birthday party.

La Viña, who currently teaches law at the San Beda College of Law and other schools, said “dilawan” has become associated with self-righteousness.

He said a cursory look at the photo would show that the personalities vilified by the “dilawan” actually have more supporters than them.

“You add to them the Grace Poe supporters and you know why dilawan is such a disliked brand. It’s just insane, outright stupid, to say that all of these supporters are anti-reform and corrupt,” he said.

La Viña said the “dilawans'” self-righteousness is baseless considering that several of the politikos who joined the Liberal Party, the ruling party during the Aquino administration, “who would not pass any integrity or good governance test.”

For the law professor, those who tolerated the corruption in the Aquino administration are not in a position to judge Arroyo, Estrada and Duterte for supposedly being corrupt.

A person who does, La Viña said, is “unfortunately blinded” and “will never get why dilawan is a political color that will not recover.”

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  • Siena SIlverio

    sabeh???!! ok sige, sinabe mo yan eh…only time can tell if what you said will become true….

  • Vids P Debulgado

    Hehehe.. Mr. LaVina, Let’s vote who amongst the Presidents is most corrupt. Marcos, Cory, Ramos, Estrada, Macapagal-Arroyo, Noynoy,and Duterte ….Marcos,-agree a plunderer? Estrada- Velarde? GMA- Pidal? Duterte 2B BPI Account?
    Now, how can you think that the supporters of Marcos, Estrada and GMA and Duterte are not the same? Same Feather!
    And Cory, Ramos, and Noynoy are one?
    Its only good vs evil……
    LP is not Dilawan, Dilawan- or yellow if I may remind, is the color of Ribbon, song “Tie a yellow Ribbon” remembering Ninoy Assassination, he die for our country. Indeed it represents Righteousness……
    Sad, during PNoy adm there are lots of corrupters who loss their source of income. that’s why they hated him so much.. Thus the Trolls and Blogs, Fake news.
    Now is their time to regain these resources, Change “the PNoy Adm” is Coming! and Duterte obliged! Happy days are here again.. For them! .

    • Evangelina Agustin Robles

      Well said Mr. Vids !!! Ang Pinoy ay laging naghahanap ng savior lalo na ang mga nasa poverty line. Ang akala nila yun pangako na iaangat sila sa hirap pag panahon ng eleksiyon ay matutupad ng hindi sila nagsisikap. Sa susunod na eleksiyon sisisihin nila ang kasalukuyang administrasyon kasi mahirap pa rin sila at hahanap na naman sila ang panibagong savior.

    • Christopher Lizares

      Funny how you mentioned Duterte’s alleged 2b when nothing is even proven and no evidences were provided.. You forgot your idol PNoy’s DAP issue among other things.. Typical dilawan where you suddenly forgot your idol’s huge INCOMPETENCE while throwing mud at others.. You belong to the hated minority because of your double standards.. Hehehe..

  • Melisse Perez

    Dilawan agad? Self righteous agad?
    Mr. Tony La Viña, ang mga tao na tinatawag mong dilawan at self righteous ay ang mga taong alam ang mali sa tama. Sila yung mga tao na hindi kayang i-tolerate ang mga katiwalian at kasamaan, dahil sila ay pinalaki ng mga magulang nila na may takot sa Diyos. Those people stand for what is right and just. They support what is good, and unlike the followers of corrupt politicians who give glory to their “idols”, those “dilawan and self righteous people” denounce what is bad.

  • 24konohamaru

    @Tony La Viña
    The Yellows cannot recover??! Huh??! Are you really a professor of political science and public administration???
    Look at Erap, GMA and the Marcoses!
    Maraming pwedeng magbago sa paglipas ng mga taon.


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