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FEU Law dean tells Duterte: Man up! Don’t tell us what to do for PH

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The dean of the Far Eastern University Institute of Law has challenged President Rodrigo Duterte to “man up” and do his work correctly instead of calling out his critics for their supposed failure to do good things for the country.

Dean Mel Sta. Maria said each Filipino has his role in society, citing the different jobs people do on a daily basis.

“We have our own respective ROLES in this society and whenever we do our best to make society work and the economy run, whatever and however done — no matter how small — we are already WORKING for the country and helping solve its problems in our own limited way,” he said in a Facebook post made last Dec. 18.

Sta. Maria said Duterte’s responsibility is obviously greater because he is the head of the state.

“You Mr. President, chose to be PRESIDENT of the Philippines. Your responsibility is definitely greater. You were given vast powers, influence, privileges, perks, money and resources to solve the great problems of this country,” he said.

“That is YOUR ROLE in society — man up and just do your work correctly,” Sta. Maria added.

The FEU Law dean’s status message was accompanied by a link to a news article about Duterte asking his critics what they have done to solve the country’s problems.

Sta. Maria, who also works as a broadcaster on TV5, said Duterte should not whine or question his critics about what they are doing or can do for the country since they are doing their share by working and paying taxes.

“We, as citizens, expect you to do your work. And we have the right to demand that you do it properly,to call your attention, to criticize you and speak our mind,” he said.