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FEU’s Jesus Falcis worries of lasting effects of Duterte’s ‘kill’ rhetoric: Kids may be learning wrong values

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Lawyer Jesus Falcis has sounded the alarm on President Rodrigo Duterte’s repeated vow to kill all criminals after he made the statement in front of young members of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines last April 3.

Falcis, a lecturer on law and media at the Far Eastern University, said Duterte is “continuing the dehumanization of drug users and even drug pushers” by telling children that criminals should be killed.

“I fear that the wrong values are being taught and promoted to the next generation. I just hope that the teachers of today are well equipped to combat such wrong values,” he said in a Facebook post.

Falcis said killing criminals should not be authorities’ first resort since it is only their duty to arrest lawbreakers and ensure they are behind bars.

“There is no basis to kill criminals unless they are armed and dangerous – which often they are not! And even if they are armed, the training for police is to disarm and arrest first. Shoot to kill only if there are no other options,” he said.

Falcis urged the public to “follow the law, respect human rights, and give due process” since teachers like him can only educate a limited number of students.