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Fighting mode: Duterte is not condoning forceful take over of Malacanang

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The Philippines’ firebrand President Rodrigo Roa Duterte will not condone any unlawful take over of power from Malacanang amid the continuing threat from groups adverse to his barely six-month old administration.

Communications Secretary Jose Ruperto Martin Andanar reiterated on Thursday (Dec.8,2016) that the President would respect the people’s right to demonstrate their concerns against the government, but he will deal with destabilizers accordingly.

Andanar made the statement while he was explaining how Duterte defends his policemen involved in his bloody drug war and at the same time, not interfering on legal procedures.

“In the same vein, the President respects and upholds the constitutional rights of our people to voice out grievances and even dissent against the policies and decisions of the administration,” he said.

However, Andanar noted that Duterte will not back down against groups or personalities who will forcibly take him out of power.

“…the President will not condone any unlawful move to wrest power from all duly elected officials of the government, including himself, who carry the mandate not only of the Filipinos who voted for them, but also of all Filipinos who firmly believe in the ideals of democracy and the rule of law,” he said.

” Any such ploy beyond the bounds of the law shall not be tolerated,” Andanar said.

Last Wednesday, Duterte bared anew alleged attempts by groups affiliated with the previous administration to oust him.

“The yellows, you stage demonstrations, you want me out because you cannot accept defeat,” Duterte said during an event marking the anniversary of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

Yellow is the campaign color of the Liberal Party (LP) and the opposition during the Marcos dictatorship, and is associated with the Aquinos.

“Politika yan (It’s politics)…they wanted me out siyempre, yung (of course the) vice president. You had your chance,” Duterte said at Malacañang.