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Find out what day is special for Putin

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March 18 is very “important” day for Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Crimea, a peninsula in southern Ukraine, was reunified with or reportedly annexed by Russia on the said date in 2014.

“Like for all of us, it is an extremely important day for him emotionally, since in many aspects the final decisions three years ago were taken exactly by him,” TASS Russian News Agency, in an article published online on March 19, quoted Peskov as telling RBC television channel on Sunday.

“Clearly, for him it is a big day, and important day. He was the one who undertook responsibility, who demonstrated the braveness – political and geopolitical. And he, probably, better than others realized consequences, which are bound to follow the decision,” the spokesman added.

“If he does not attend whatever celebration, does not mean at all that for him that day is changing the importance somehow. I am not sure exactly, how he is celebrating, but the fact for him this day is special is absolutely clear,” Peskov said.