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Fix you? Duterte rejects feelers to settle his grudge with oligarchs, see no point in settlement

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President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that he has received feelers to settle his public dispute with oligarchs such as owners of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.

But Duterte believed that he was way past talking and that he was bent on extracting what these oligarchs owed the public in terms of back taxes, sweetheart deals and unreimbursed campaign ad payments.

“There are a lot of people saying that now, let’s talk, let’s just forget about this thing and let us…and even ABS-CBN,” said Duterte in a press conference Saturday night.

That’s why when you antagonize somebody and it is happening to me and they come pleading for talks, pwede ba areglo? Sabi ko, what’s the point?

Duterte explained his point through a local idiom. “You’re already wet, better take a bath. What’s the use? Basa na ako, maliligo na tayo. I’m all wet so I might just well take a bath. Ganon ‘yan eh. ‘Yan ang isinasagot ko sa kanila ngayon,” said Duterte.