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Me sabit! Fratman seeking ‘pity, settlement’ from Atio’s parent is first violator of anti-drunk driving law

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The Aegis Juris fraternity member who urged his brods in a Facebook chat thread to “appeal to pity” from the family of hazing victim Horacio “Atio” Castillo III is no saint himself.

Manuel Angelo Ventura III, a former lawyer of the Public Attorney’s Office, is “Migg Ynigo” in the fraternity’s Facebook chat thread, Politiko sources said.

Ventura was the first to be charged for violating the drunk driving law after flunking a sobriety test at the Land Transportation Office in Quezon City in 2015 (

In the thread, “Migg Ynigo” advised the Aegis Juris frat members that guidance from the elder members “must be given immediately.”

“Appeal to pity and settlement lang ang lusot nito brod. Mahihirapan tayo umareglo at magmakaawa kung at this stage binabalewala natin inquiries,” he said.