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Friends again! Russia-Turkey relations are now normal, says Putin

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The relations between Russia and Turkey are now normal, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He said this following talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Some time ago, our bilateral relations [between Russia and Turkey] were tested for their strength,” TASS Russian News Agency, in an article published online on May 3, quoted Putin as saying at a press conference.

“Now we can confidently state that the restoration period in the Russian-Turkish relations has been completed and we are returning to normal partner interaction,” he said.

Bilateral cooperation between the two countries went down with a Russian warplane that was shot by two Turkish warplanes in Syria in late 2015, according to a Sputnik International news article published online on March 10. In June 2016, Erdogan apologized over the Russian pilot’s death.

The Guardian reported in February that three Turkish soldiers were accidentally killed in Syria in a Russian airstrike, and that Putin expressed condolences in a phone call to Erdogan.