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Fundraising face off: Sass Sasot raises P650K in 24 hours, Rappler still at P200K in 20-plus days

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She may only be a pro-administration blogger, but it seems Sass Sasot is more loved by netizens compared to the website Rappler.

Sasot on Saturday (October 14) launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Gavagives to fund her legal battle against Jover Laurio of the Pinoy Ako Blog.

In just 24 hours, Sasot raised US$12,687.80 or around P650,000, exceeding her goal of $10,000.

A total of 498 netizens contributed to Sasot’s cause.

In contrast, Rappler has only raised a little over P200,000 in the past three weeks in its “Support Rappler” campaign.

The website led by former CNN reporter Maria Ressa wants to raise P5 million in the next two and a half months so it could “stay free and independent of political pressure and commercial interests.”

It’s worth noting that contributions to Rappler, by its own disclosure, “are not charitable donations under the law of the Philippines.” This means contributors are not entitled to any tax relief for the amount they give, nor is it considered “gift aid” anywhere in the world.

Sasot is more or less forthright on the reason she’s asking for donations: She plans to file a libel case against Laurio for calling her an “international prostitute” in a blog post.

The Netherlands-based blogger said Laurio not only humiliated her by making such a claim, but she also subjected her to “terror” by repeatedly calling her in her blog posts by her given name, Allantroy.

Sasot said she will need funds for her legal battle, which she plans to start in November, since Laurio allegedly has the backing of the Liberal Party.