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FVR’s advice to Duterte: Stop linking mining firms to destab plots. They’re not linked

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Former President Fidel V. Ramos has urged President Rodrigo Duterte to stop talking about the supposed destabilization plots bankrolled by mining companies which were ordered shut down by Environment Secretary Gina Lopez.

In a column for the Manila Bulletin Sunday (March 19), Ramos said disgruntled companies will be unable to topple the government even if they have the money.

“All P. Digong has to do is to get a daily 10-minute briefing jointly from his National Security Adviser Jun Esperon and Presidential Security Group commander General Rolando Bautista (or their deputies), and he’ll find out that there is no such destabilization plot because it takes much, much more than the DENR and its ‘audits’ to cause an incumbent government’s downfall,” the former President said.

In a speech in Malacañang on March 13, Duterte accused mining companies of financing efforts to topple his administration.

“Kayong mga mining, I know you are funding the opposite side. I know that some of you are funding the other side to destabilize. If the police and the military will allow it, that’s their problem,” the President said.

Ramos said it appears it is Duterte who is in a panic mode by constantly talking about destabilization attempts parroted by his allies.

“By constantly repeating the now-dirty word ‘destabilization,’ Digong is driving away potential investors, tourists, and other foreign assets, while unduly alarming our own people,” he said.