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Gaming the System

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In a democracy, dissent is essential to check the excesses of government. But as in any society there will be those who will game the system so that it turns the ideals into mere machinery. Thus we have dissenters who see something wrong and correct it. Sometimes the process of that correction is to remove the source of wrong. And if that source of wrong-ness is a person, the processes of our laws may be used to remove that person.

Then there are those who use the government’s corrective mechanism to further selfish ends. This is nothing new. Politics has been littered with less than ideal and idealistic players. But so long as the system works to favor the people, we don’t mind the oily, scheming, backdoor dealing politiko.

Which brings us back to the continuing saga of #LeniLeaks. The matter has been referred to National Security Advisor, Hermogenes Esperon for further investigation. If a crime has been committed or is in the process of being committed, then evidence will be gathered for the appropriate filing of the cases. This may also become an opportunity to plug in policy gaps such as obligations of dual citizens, possible review of internet security laws, national security interests, and so on, so NSA may refer the matter to Congress.

Thus, something will come out of this, whether it be a trial for some wanna be putschists or laws to hew national security considerations closer to 21st century realities, or even a recognition of how socmed ought to no longer be the beggar at the media table where the broadsheets and television reign supreme, (do you know of any press corp that takes bloggers? Even established bloggers? none? nothing? Didn’t think so). Or it may result in a new Leni Robredo, for better or for ill, for she certainly has been the hardest hit by these revelations.

The VP, who has refused to acknowledge the controversy, or even make “patol,” ought to consider this a wake up call. Duterte followers (who run into the millions) truly believe she is in bed with exactly the kind of people who have been gaming the democratic processes. The kind of people who do not pass anti-dynasty laws. The kind of people who are willing to create a purely PR driven “revolution” to replicate their precious EDSA 1 regardless of whether the people want it or not. Regardless of the popularity (hello Erap?) of this duly elected President. Because they can make it look like the people want it. Even if they are the minority. Even if it isn’t real. Because, ” “it doesn’t have to be true. Just needs to LOOK like that”.” (credit to Loida Nicholas Lewis for that last quote).

by Trixie Cruz Angeles