Monday, September 25, 2017

Gatchalian says attacking First Family requires higher bar of evidence: Dick will not be soft on Paolo, Mans Carpio

Aug 30, 2017 @ 21:57

Senator Win Gatchalian on Wednesday said Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV should come up with solid and convincing proof against members of the First Family supposedly engaged in smuggling activities of the so-called “Davao Group.”

“I think when you accuse the First Family, the President, the bar of evidence is higher,” he said.

Gatchalian back Sen. Richard Gordon’s refusal to have the blue ribbon committee to look deeper into Trillanes’ accusations against the alleged smuggling operations of presidential son, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and presidential son-in-law, abogado Manases “Mans” Carpio, through the Davao Group.

Gordon’s committee is currently investigating the P6.4-billion smuggled shabu from China and so far, Gatchalian does seen any links of Paolo or Carpio to the hot cargo.

“You have to have clear proof and direct knowledge on this type of accusation. It’s easy to accuse someone especially if it’s the President because he is a public figure. I don’t think the committee will be soft. The committee, especially the chairman is just raising the bar in terms of evidence, proof so that if we accuse, we make sure that this information is clearly validated,” Gatchalian explained.

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  • Maria Teresa Tumbali

    a higher bar of behavior is expected of the first family, especially in these times when a piece of paper or cardboard can get you killed or the say so of convicts can get you jailed.

  • jaciebob

    A higher bar of evidence? Is there such a law? Since when?

    Shouldn’t there be a higher bar of expectation for the First Family not to be engaged in any form of misgiving that ruins the image of the President?

    Shouldn’t be the vice mayor duterte and brother in law be angry enough and brave enough to go there in the Senate wihout subpoena to clear their names and look at Taguba in the eye telling him that he is lying?!

    That is the first reaction you should expect from innocent brave persons who should be offended by linking them to a fiasco they never had any business about.

    But if they are guilty, it is a natural tendency to shy away, keep quiet and hope the boot licking senators lawyering for them save them.

    And What if They are Guilty? There must be a Higher Bar of Penalty for the relatives of the President committing corrupt practices. It must be treated as Henious, Unglamorous, Shameful, Dreadful Act. That is what the senate should be doing in terms of Legislation regarding this Blue Ribbon fact finding committee!


    From Ma Teresa Tumbali:

    “A Higher Bar of Behavior is expected of the first family,

    especially in these times when a piece of paper or cardboard can get you killed…
    The Say So of Convicts can get you (a Senator) jailed.”

  • tussok

    For the longest time trillanes hs bn playing abogago insisting multiple hearsays to b admisible to d commtee dragging every1 to his level .. in effect. attempts to make a fool of d institution exposing his ignorance and exerting arrogance to create chaos in the august body….


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