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Ginusto niyo yan! Duterte to order arrest of communist leaders

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President Rodrigo Duterte will order the arrest of communist leaders out on bail following the collapse of the peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines.

In a speech at the oathtaking of new military generals Wednesday (December 7), Duterte said he “gave too much, too soon” when he allowed the communist leaders to post bail.

“For those who are out temporarily, you just, maybe now, because any day I will order for their mass arrest. Wala akong magawa eh, ginusto ninyo. I’m addressing them through the TV,” he said.

Duterte said he released 32 communist leaders, including National Democratic Front consultants Benito and Wilma Tiamzon, as a sign of good faith and confidence in the negotiations.

The couple was even allowed to travel to The Netherlands to take part in the peace talks.

Duterte said he can understand why “the idealogues” of the communist movement would want to resume peace talks, but he said he was no longer interested.

“Ito namang NPA-NDF-CPP, we should expect a longer war of attrition here. But kung matapos natin during my term, I will be happy. But I am not talking to them anymore,” he said.

Duterte said he cannot continue negotiations with the CPP because they want to have a coalition government.

Earlier this week, Duterte signed a proclamation tagging the New People’s Army as a terrorist organization.

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