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‘Very good’?! SWS says public satisfaction with Duterte admin on EJK ‘very good’

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Public satisfaction with the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte remained “very good” in December but dipped in Metro Manila, a new survey by Social Weather Stations showed.

The SWS said its survey conducted Dec. 3 to 6 with 1,500 adults nationwide found 73 percent “satisfied” with the national government, 12 percent “dissatisfied” and 15 percent “undecided” for a net rating of +61.

It was five points below the +66 in September, but still considered “very good.” (

Of 16 performance issues in a “Governance Report Card,” the Duterte administration got “very good” scores in six subjects, “good” ratings in eight and “moderate” in two.

This included a “very good” +40 in “solving the problem of extra-judicial killings,” a subject incorporated in the report card for the first time.

But the administration got a “moderate” +24 in “recovering the ‘hidden wealth'” of former President Ferdinand Marcos, another subject included in the report card for the first time.

Among the post-1986 administrations, only President Benigno Aquino III’s administration was the other one that got “very good” net satisfaction ratings in its first two quarters at +64 each in September and November 2010.

Meanwhile, the SWS said the Duterte administration got the following net ratings in issues in the governance report card:

“Very good” in:

– “helping the poor” at +66, up from a “very good” +63 in September

– “promoting human rights” at +56, down from a “very good” +63 in September

– “defending the country’s territorial rights” at +54, up from the “very good” +53

– “providing jobs” at +51, up from a “good” +46

– “fighting crimes” at +50, down from a “very good” +58

– “developing science and technology” at +50, up from September’s “good” +49


“Good” in:

– “ensuring an efficient transportation system” at +48, up from the “good” +39 in September

– “foreign relations” at +46, up from the “good” +39 in September

– “eradicating graft and corruption” at +45, down from the “very good” +57 in September

– “Fighting terrorism” at +41, below a “very good” +55 in September

– “ensuring that no family will ever be hungry” at +34, down from a “good” +37

– “reconciliation with Muslim rebels” at +33, down from a “good” +42 in September

– “reconciliation with communist rebels” at +30, down from a “good” +39

– “solving the problem of extra judicial killings or EJK” at +40

“Moderate” in:

– “fighting inflation” at +25, down from September’s “good” +33

– “recovering the ‘hidden wealth’” of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos and his cronies at +24

On the other hand, SWS said net satisfaction rating of the Duterte administration stayed “excellent” in Mindanao at +78, down from the +81 in September.

It stayed “very good” in the Visayas at +58 and in Balance Luzon at +56, and +53 in Metro Manila.

Among socioeconomic classes, it was +55 for Class ABC, +62 for Class E, and +61 for Class D.