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Gov’t paying for fake news? UP’s Florin Hilbay wants Bruce Rivera to explain ‘bayaran’ claim vs. DDS bloggers in Senate

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Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay is hoping Senator Grace Poe will invite abogado Bruce Rivera to the next Senate hearing on fake news this month.

Hilbay, who teaches law at the University of the Philippines, said Rivera’s allegation that there are pro-administration bloggers paid by politikos to spread fake news is worth looking into.

“If there has ever been any justifiable cause for a witch hunt, it should be the Senate looking into Mr. Rivera’s inside information about the potential public nature of the funds being used to feed government propagandists,” he said in a Facebook post Monday (October 9).

Poe heads the Senate committee on public information which conducted the hearing on fake news.

Hilbay said the public has the right to know details about the “system of disinformation” if public funds were used to spread fake news, or if politikos were behind them.

Rivera accused fellow pro-administration bloggers Sass Sasot and RJ Nieto of the “Thinking Pinoy” blog of being paid by certain politikos to protect their interests.

He also claimed that it was Sasot who spread the fake news on Vice President Leni Robredo’s alleged pregnancy.

Rivera said Poe did not invite him to the first Senate hearing on fake news because she still bears a grudge against him for his attacks on her citizenship during the campaign period last year.