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Gusot masa yan! Duterte says wrinkled barongs bought from Tutuban

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President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t at the very least shy about the wearing barongs that are easily wrinkled to higg-level events, such as the ASEAN Summit.

In a speech in Davao City Saturday (November 18), Duterte described his barong as being “gusot masa.”

“’Yung barong, sloppy daw ako? Anak ng… You know, that was a gusot para sa masa,” he said at the launch of the Department of Agriculture’s partnership with Ayala Malls.

Duterte said his partner, Honeylet Avancena, buys his barongs from Tutuban in Divisoria, Manila.

“Kayong mga journalists, you can validate them. Doon talaga binili ‘yan kaya talagang kunot. May tawag diyan sa mga ano mayaman, kunot mayaman. Ako naman dito kunot masa,” he said.

Duterte stood out at the recently concluded ASEAN Summit for wearing wrinkled barongs while other world leaders wore ties and suits.