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House trumpets Speaker’s ‘dramatic’ improvement in Pulse ratings

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The House of Representatives trumpeted the improved performance ratings of Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and the chamber as a whole based on the latest Ulat ng Bayan survey of Pulse Asia.

Alvarez registered a nine-point increase while the House improved by six points in their respective performance ratings, according to the pollster.

“Pulse Asia said among public figures, only Alvarez posted a dramatic positive change in his ratings,” the House said in a news release.

Among 1,200 respondents polled Dec. 10-15 and 17, Alvarez drew positive responses from 42 percent of Filipinos of voting age, a figure that’s plus-nine percent compared to his 33 percent in the preceding September survey.

In the same December survey with a margin of error of plus-minus 3 percent, the House registered a 50 percent performance rating, up six percentage points to the 44 percent it received in September.

Alvarez’s trust rating, on the other hand, improved by six points to 37 percent in December, up six points compared to his 31 percent in September.

“The House leader’s performance and trust ratings still have a lot of room to improve as Alvarez’s awareness level was still at 75 percent in December,” according to the release.

On the other hand, the House’s awareness level was at 100 percent and its trust rating for December at 49 percent was a vast improvement from its 42 percent in September, it added.

The increase in the performance and trust ratings of Alvarez and the House in December came at a time when the legislative body started looking into the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

“Performance-wise, Alvarez as expected did best in his home region Mindanao where 53 percent of the respondents approved of his leadership,” the release said.

He drew support for his performance from among 41 percent of those polled in the Visayas, 39 percent in balance of Luzon and 37 percent in Metro Manila. Among social classes, Alvarez got the nod of 44 percent from Class ABC for his performance and 40 from Class D.

Some of Alvarez’ most important achievements, according to the respondents, were the following:

Investigating corruption in government (25 percent);
Uniting congressmen in support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s programs (22 percent);
Passing new laws (20 percent); and
Amending laws (15 percent).

The House under Alvarez has so far passed a total of 518 bills and resolutions. Of the bills, 41 have been enacted into law.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s approval rating was at 80 percent and trust rating at 82 percent in the same Pulse Asia survey.

Pulse Asia researchers said only Speaker Alvarez and Chief Justice Sereno made notable changes in their ratings – Alvarez’s being positive while that of Sereno being negative.

“Approval for the House Speaker’s quarterly performance becomes more pronounced at the national level during this period (+9 percentage points),” the polling firm said.

“Similar movements occur in the rest of Luzon (+12 percentage points), Class D (+8 percentage points), and Class E (+12 percentage points),” the research firm added.

“Also, ambivalence toward the lawmaker’s work eases not only at the national level (-10 percentage points) but also in Class D (-10 percentage points).”