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Humarap ka! Aguirre says Lascanas should come back if he isn’t guilty

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Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II has urged retired policeman Arturo Lascanas to return to the Philippines and face the charges against him in court.

“If he believes in his innocence then he should welcome his arrest as a chance for him to clear his name and get on with his life,” he said in a statement.

“However, if he is guilty, we cannot tolerate his continuing flight,” he stressed.

Lascanas fled to Singapore last April 8 before the Davao City regional trial court (RTC) issued on June 5 warrants for his arrest in connection with the death of broadcaster Jun Pala.

“As it is said, when a crime goes unpunished, the world is unbalanced and the heavens will look down on us in shame,” Aguirre said.

“We cannot allow it. We will be remiss in our duty. We are equally guilty if we do so,” he explained.

Lascanas has confessed before the Senate of being a member of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) and that he personally took orders to kill from then Davao City mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte.

He said among those he killed was Pala who has been a vocal critic of Duterte.

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