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I have a god and it’s not your ‘stupid’ God – Duterte

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President Rodrigo Duterte believes in a “universal mind” but it’s not the “stupid” God worshipped by millions of Filipino Catholics.

” I have a God, but it is not your stupid God…My God is not your God. Magkaiba ang image natin sa Diyos eh,” said Duterte in a speech in Bukidnon Friday night.

Previously, Duterte said his god was not stupid and had more common sense. “If I choose not to believe in any God, what’s the fucking thing about it?” he added.

Duterte explained his concept of a supreme being whom he turned to for guidance and reflection.

“I don’t know what but I believe in universal mind, that somebody there controls. Otherwise, the trillions and billions of stars and planets. It can go wrong,” said Duterte.

“Murphy’s Law — if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. But the fact that we are about 4.5 billion years old, God has been really kind to us,” he added.

Duterte has ridiculed the Catholic Church’s dogma on Creation, Original Sin, and heaven and hell.

“Sabi ko, not everything in the bible is true. Sino nag-publish niyang Bible na iyan? Even itong last supper. Who are the idiots there? (The people in the painting were all declared as saints just because they were there),” he said in a speech last June.

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