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Imbento yan! Duterte echoes Trump’s stand on climate change

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Despite the natural disasters affecting the country throughout the year, President Rodrigo Duterte is convinced that climate change is a make-believe concept.

In a speech Friday (January 12), Duterte scoffed at government officials who want to attend seminars on climate change abroad.

“Climate change, climate change. Climate change? Simula sila nag– naimbento nila yang climate change, mas dumami ang bagyo ng p***** i**** dumating dito sa Pilipinas,” he said during the birthday party of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez in Tagum City.

Duterte scored industrialized nations for moving for a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for all countries, even though they contribute more to global warming.

“Unless the big ones realize that they have to look after the small one. Ganun na eh. When they wanted control of the climate, nasa taas na sila eh,” he said.

Though he did not mention the name, Duterte said United States President Donald Trump was correct in criticizing the 2015 Paris Agreement.

“Ngayon, tayo na nandito, they’re all — we’re all given us a proportionate… Kalokohan yan. Tama si Trump and there’ s no way whether or not they are really telling the truth,” he said, adding that matters related to climate change should be studied again.

Trump famously once said that climate change was a “hoax” spread by the Chinese to destroy American jobs.

He ordered the US’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, saying the deal was “very unfair to the highest level to the United States.”