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Prangka ang Canada! Trudeau discusses human rights, EJKs with Duterte

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By Xave Gregorio

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brought up the issue of human rights and extrajudicial killings with President Rodrigo Duterte in their meeting at the 31st ASEAN Summit.

“Canada has earned a reputation for being able to have strong, sometimes frank, firm discussion on rule of law and human rights with partners around the world,” Trudeau said at a press briefing in the International Media Center in Pasay.

“It comes as no surprise when we do bring it up. This is something important to Canadians and important to the world and I will always bring that up,” the prime minister continued.

When asked about the Philippine president’s reaction to his comments, who had repeatedly shooed remarks on human rights from foreign leaders, Trudeau said Duterte was receptive.

“[It] was a very cordial and positive exchange,” he said.