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Jinggoy calls Trillanes the real coward in the Senate: Tanda ko pa noong umatras ka kay JPE, sa Manila Pen

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Former Sen. Jinggoy Estrada dared former colleague, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV to resign if he could no longer stand being part of what he claimed as the most damaged institution in government.

“How dare you say that? What are you waiting for? Better RESIGN now. Honestly, the Senate doesn’t need senators who are certified cowards like you,” he said on his Facebook post.

The former lawmaker joined former colleagues in giving Trillanes a beating after calling incumbent senators “cowards” and “puppets” of the Duterte administration.

Estrada, former Senate president pro tempore, reminded Trillanes that the rules of the Senate prohibit upper chamber members from making unsavory statements against fellow upper chamber members.

“That is totally uncalled for lalong lalo na tinawag mo silang duwag,” he said.

Estrada recalled an incident few year ago where Trillanes, in a middle of a heated debate with then Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile on his role as a backroom negotiator of the Philippines with China on the conflict over Scarborough Shoal, walked out of the plenary session hall.

“Sino ngayon ang duwag? Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na ikaw ang pinaka-duwag sa lahat ng mga senador na nakasama ko. In case you don’t know the meaning of cowardice, let us define clearly the definition. According to Webster dictionary, it is lack of courage or firmness of purpose,” he said.

Estrada cited another alleged display of cowardice of Trillanes when he surrendered to the authorities after failing to fulfill his mission in attempting to overthrow the Arroyo administration during the so-called Manila Peninsula siege in Nov. 2007.

“Nakarinig ka lang ng mga putok ng baril galling sa mga pulis, unang-una ka nag-surrender! Ano tawag mo dun? Di ba act of COWARDICE ‘yun? Now please tell me, sino sa mga kapwa senador mo ang mga duwag? Malacanag kapag nagbanggit ka ng pangalan, ‘di ka nila lulubayan sapagkat wala akong kilalang duwag na senador ngayon maliban sa iyo!” he said.

Estrada urged Trillanes to just keep his mouth shut if he does not have anything good to say against a fellow senator.