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Just do it, stupid! Duterte tells EU to act on threat to expel PH from UN

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President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged the European Union to make good on its supposed threat to expel the Philippines from the United Nations (UN), days after an international watchdog group said the country may lose its membership in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

At the relaunch of the refurbished New Executive Building press briefing room Thursday (October 12), Duterte noted that it was groups from the EU which put the death toll in the war on drugs at 10,000 even though official figures were at the 3,000-mark.

“And they threatened us, I said that they will have us expelled from the UN. My God, do it stupid. Do it now,” he said.

Despite the death of several law enforcement officers due to the war on drugs, Duterte said he has relegated the task of going after drug suspects solely to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

“So kung ang PDEA konti lang ang patay o ‘di konti lang rin mamatay doon sa kabila. Isa lang. Wounded-in-action, dalawa,” he said. “This is better or betterer, do you say. O, diyan tayo. Walang patay so walang encounter ‘yan. So better for the bleeding hearts and the media. I hope I will satisfy you.”

Duterte’s latest tirade against the EU appears to have been triggered by Human Rights Watch Geneva advocacy director John Fisher’s warning that the alleged human rights violations occurring in the Philippines might give the UN General Assembly grounds to consider the country’s removal from the UNHRC.