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Kaya careful: Duterte knows being listed on drug matrix is the end of the world for narco-politiko

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President Rodrigo Duterte has asked for patience for the delay in releasing the third batch of generals, polices, judges, barangay captain, governors, congressmen and mayors protecting drug lords.

In a speech, Duterte said he was just being thorough in validating the connections in the drug matrix before making his latest narco-list public.

“Itong malalaki, the congressman and tcongressman and judges…pinakita ko sa inyo iyon. But I am still validating, kasi meron doon, pag binasa ko sa pulis, i-compare ko sa military, I could not find the connection. And from the intelligence, sa NICA (National Intelligence Coordinating Agency), paki-check nito,” said Duterte.

He said this was part of his training as a lawyer because he wanted to make sure that “there’s no iota of doubt in this report.”

“You know, when you go in public and mention the name of a person because he is involved with drugs, you practically destroy his life forever. That’s the reason why, bakit ganoon katagal,” said Duterte.

Détente’s first narco-list covered five police generals – Marcelo Garbo, Vicente Loot, Bernardo Diaz, Joel Pagdilao, and Edgardo Tinio – and three major drug lords – Herbert Colanggo, Peter Co and Peter Lim.

The second narco-list included hundreds of names of judges, congressmen, governors, mayors and police men.

He said he didn’t act like his critics who were quick on the trigger in blaming him for over 3,000 alleged extrajudicial killings in less than three months in office.

“Hindi ako kasi pareho sa inyo hangal, na kapag may report nandiyan bira ng bira. You know, even without God, the eternal equation of universal justice will catch you up, iyan ang mahirap niyan,” said Duterte.