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Kaya pala galit sa ABS-CBN, Inquirer: Leila says Duterte wants to write the news himself

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No wonder he’s been attacking the editorial policy of ABS-CBN News and Philippine Daily Inquirer, the President has hidden aspirations of directing the news himself.

Senator Leila de Lima has accused Duterte of taking an interest in writing the headlines “re-angling” the series of teen murders as efforts to sabotage his war on drugs.

De Lima was shocked the President would blaming the gangland- style executions of Kian Loyd delos Santos, 17; Carl Arnaiz, 19; and Reynaldo de Guzman, 14 on the opposition “as if his drug war was all compassionate, caring, peaceful and harmonious.”

“Duterte did not expect the public relations backlash that the killings of the teenagers has produced. It is not as if these are new,” she said on Saturday.

“Since day one of his drug war children and teenagers already started to fall like flies. His Davao Death Squad was famous for the killing of children and minors aged 12 to 18,” De Lima said.

“Because they could not send them to jail under the Pangilinan Law, which Duterte occasionally criticizes, they just killed them right after letting them go,” she said.

De Lima added, “Most of them were knifed to death instead of being shot to make it appear that they were killed in gang wars.”

“Now that public opinion is against the killings of these minors, like the PNA, he re-angles the murders he has sanctioned as sabotage,” said De Lima, detained at PNP Custodial Center on drug charges.