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Kiko Pangilinan making ‘ligaw’ me again – Sharon Cuneta

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Senator Kiko Pangilinan is working swiftly to show his love for wife megastar Sharon Cuneta by going on a movie date over the weekend.

“Hubby wanted to date me me (Hubby making me ‘ligaw’ again. Don’t ask na.😊) and so we watched KINGSMAN 2,” Sharong wrote on Facebook, sharing a sweet photo with the senator.

While the Pangilinan couple was on a date night, their children Miel and Miguel went to watch another movie, Ninjago.

“Bonus for me: Didn’t know Channing Tatum was gonna be in it!!! Waaaaahhhh!!! And I wish I could have one of those cute black London cabs, customized just like “Eggsy’s!” I love Colin Firth and the actor Taron (sorry I forget the whole name!) who plays Eggsy. I loved the first Kingsman more though. But this was good too! Julianne Moore and Halle Berry pa! Whoo!!!” the actress said.

Rumors earlier circulated that Kiko and Sharon’s marriage was on the rocks. The megastar surprised her fans when she traveled alone to the US a few months ago for a supposed much needed respite from his work.