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Kiko Pangilinan on Marcos centennial: Never forget the most ruthless dictator

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No happy birthday greeting from this anti-Marcos politiko.

Senato Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan has called on the nation never to forget the legacy of tyranny and corruption left by the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos and never allow a repeat of such dictatorship in the country.

“Today is the 100th birth anniversary of the dictator, former President Ferdinand Marcos. He left a lasting legacy of tyranny, oppression, and corruption in the Philippines that is remembered the world over,” Pangilinan wrote on Facebook.

“We must never forget how much the country has suffered while he catered to the interests of the few, how his family lived in extravagance as they plundered resources that should have otherwise gone to better the lives of the Filipino, and how his cronies exercised powers so extraordinary that their traces can still be felt in the shadows of our bureaucracy,”he said.

Pangilinan reminded the nation about the powerful EDSA revolution that ousted the Marcos dictatorship in 1986, saying non-violent protest was the Filipinos’ gift to the world. He said the same people power has inspired nations in Poland, South Africa, and South Korea to rise up and effect change in their governments.

“But even more is required of us now in these trying times. We must, once again, rise up and go against tyranny, abuse of power, and the return of dictatorship. Never forget the dictator,” he said.