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Kill joy? Gabriela airs opposition to Miss U pageant in PH

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Saying it only leads to the exploitation of women, Gabriela party-list Reps Arlene Brosas and Emmi de Jesus made the case against the holding of the Miss Universe beauty pageant in the Philippines later this month.

“Gabriela opposes pageants and other festivals that exploit women and as these are tools to commodify women and use the competitons to promote commercial use of women’s image in marketing products and services on a globalization-oriented trade regime,” they said in a statement Wednesday, January 11 or just 19 days away from the 65th Miss Universe pageant.

“Sex tourism with human trafficking and prostitution is one of the deplorable downstream trades that afflicts poor countries that host international events such as major beauty pageants. This is yet another attempt to package the Philippines as a lurid tourist destination for cheap, easily exploitable women,” they added.

The proposed hosting of the Miss Universe pageant came rather easy for the Philippines especially after Filipina Pia Wurtzbach’s victory–and resulting publicity–in the 2015 edition of the pageant.

Moreover, the Gabriela solons claimed that the staging of the pageant in the country would only serve to mask the “surge in extrajudicial killings” and the “imprisonment, legal cases and brutal shootings leveled on farmers and indigenous peoples who are demanding peace, land, jobs and justice”.

“Gabriela deems the Miss Universe pageant an expensive exercise to lull the people and the international audience into a false sense of well-being and celebration,” they said.