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Kim Un? Un Jun? Duterte fails to get NoKor leader’s name right

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Despite repeatedly warning about North Korea’s threat of using nuclear weapons, it seems President Rodrigo Duterte still hasn’t memorized the name of Pyongyang’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

Duterte got tongue tied trying to pronounce Kim’s name in a speech Tuesday (October 10) during his visit to the Her Majesty Australian Ship Adelaide docked at the Port of Manila.

“China appears to be the only monkey wrench in the violent plans of Kim Un — Un Jun — I can’t even pronounce the g****** stupid name,” he said.

Duterte asked Australia to “keep watch over” Kim and stay prepared in case of a nuclear fallout.

The President said he supports Australia, the United States and the Philippines’ other allies in addressing the threat posed by North Korea.

“That is why we reiterate our full support with our Australian friends, Americans, and even Chinese, Malaysian, all, to show to this one guy that he has to stop threatening the world. Because he runs the risk of being destroyed first,” Duterte said.